Roger Menard LLC Quality Used Pallet Jacks for Business or Home - Delivery Available

We sell quality used pallet jacks.  They have been previously used and are in good working condition.

The most requested product that we sell is the Crown PTH50 Pallet Jack.  It is only available in the industry standard size of 27” wide x 48” at the forks.

The Crown PTH50 is the workhorse of the industry.  It is popular with truckers and warehouse managers who use their pallet jacks everyday.  It is rated at 5000 lbs.

An upgrade is available to include 2 replacement roller wheels (the small ones) for those who prefer the benefit of brand new wheels.

The jacks have been inspected and in some cases repaired.  They are fully functional.  They roll and lift and they have no hydraulic leaks.  We do not ever repair or replace the hydraulic components of the jack, therefore we do not refer to them as “reconditioned.”  They are previously used so the paint will likely be worn and the wheels will show wear unless you select the upgrade to new replacement roller/wheels.

A brand new Crown PTH50 pallet jack will typically cost $500-$600 brand new plus shipping.  Why spend all of that money?  You can get a good, working used jack for much less.

Other pallet jacks that we sell frequently include those by:

CFA (Yellow), Mighty Lift (Red/Orange) or LiftRite (Blue)

These three brands are all rated at 5500 lbs and the forks measure 27” x 48”.  The LiftRite is the model named Altra.  It is described by the manufacturer as a light-duty pallet jack.